Reclaim Yourself & Rediscover What Brings You Joy!

Join the other women moving through transitions, who are accessing resources and tools to help them get unstuck, finding themselves, get moving, resolve pain, prevent injury, balance their hormones, and are living a self-serving life!

Stop letting others define what an active and healthy life is for you!

Find simple solutions to movement, nutrition, pain management, and health that fit into the chaos of your life and allow you to reclaim yourself and start living the life you planned.

Find Yourself

As we move towards our 40s and 50s, we often begin to reflect on our lives and have a pull to start living more authentically. Stop living on others' terms and start living a self-serving life.

Simply Move

Start moving your whole body, uncover the habits holding you back, and integrate exercise you enjoy to prevent injury, overcome pain, restore a functional core, and truly feel your best.

Simply Nourish

No diets here. Food is meant to nourish us and fuel our lives. Shifting hormones during midlife may change our needs, but restrictive diets are not the answer. 


Life Transition

In midlife, we may be new moms, jugglie puberty with menopause, or looking at a new journey as empty nesters. Find community with other women in the same stage as you.

Athletic Wellness

Weekend warrior or elite athlete. Your training doesn't have to stop as you get older. Train as a Masters Athlete and continue to tap into your competitive spirit for years to come.

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