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Pelvic Floor & Core

As women, we move through various seasons in our athletic careers - as young girls, teens, young adults, and masters athletes. And along this path, we might venture off to have a baby, balance breastfeeding and toddlerhood, and eventually navigating the journey of menopause.

Each of these different stops along our path requires a different approach to training, movement, and just staying well. Female athletes have different concerns than our male counterparts, such as maintaining a functional pelvic floor and understanding how to align our training with our fluctuating hormones.

This is where She Moves®  comes it. We're not going to give you a simple sports-specific training plan and have you go. No, we give you the resources to help balance your training during these different life milestones to keep you moving and competing throughout.

She Moves® is a holistic approach that includes movement, nutrition, and lifestyle. A successful female athlete needs a program that includes all three in balance to stay in top performance shape.

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