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The Nourished Athlete believes in simply moving your body in a variety of ways and in ways that feel good to you. This could be training for sport, more traditional exercise like strength training or yoga, or it could be hiking, dancing, scampering, and leaping. It could be a weekly routine or daily inspiration. The key to simple movement is that it makes you feel complete, enlivened, and full of joy. You should want to move - not feel that you have to.


For most of our adult lives, we've been told that we need to exercise in a particular way in order to reach optimum health or for top sports performance. But why? Why should we torture ourselves grinding though workouts that leave us feeling more depleted than alive? When we're depleted we drag ourselves to work out, or we find excuses and better things to do.

Instead, we need to find ways of moving that speak to our soul. We feel complete when we include it in our day. We don't have to schedule it in - if naturally flows into our days with ease. When we move intuitively, we also move in ways that nourish our bodies and prevent the pain and injuries that repetitive training can bring on.

Discovering how we prefer to move propels us to move more. And that helps to bring us into physical alignment, helps us resolve chronic pain and prevent new injuries, and continue to play well into our golden years.


The how is totally up to you. For me, it's meant allowing myself to step away from the suggestions of joining a gym and following a set weekly routine. It's been reconnecting with how my body moves - both in fitness and daily life. It's been dabbling again in yoga and movement practices, as well as exploring new sports like Taekwondo and Olympic Weightlifting. Playing with strength training and rediscovering my love of hiking and climbing. Basically I'm just trying to remember what I enjoy doing and am being called back to.

There is no set plan - it's all up to you. I'm just here to help you get it out of your head and you back to your play.

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