Pelvic Floor Health

Often we think of pelvic floor issues a being unique to women with kids or who are in menopause, but the fact is that female athletes as young as 8 have been known to struggle with pelvic floor dysfunction, such as incontinence.

As athletes, our pelvic floors take a beating. Sometimes we're in sports that encourage positions that don't allow our cores to handle the loads we're placing on them, or we're not properly taught the techniques that allow our cores to provide support for our movement. Leaking, a feeling a heaviness, prolapse, and diastasis recti are not normal concerns, regardless of a woman's age, number of births, or preferred sport.

She Moves Athletic Wellness provides expert programming for female athletes experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction to start healing while still maintaining a needed level of conditioning for their sport. No longer do you have to choose your training or your health - you can have both.

She Moves Athlete Wellness has several online programs focusing on the different seasons of our training, as well as offers customized programs to target your specific healing and training needs. Our programs focus on using a whole-body approach, including movement, training, nutrition, and manual therapy, and delivering it in digestible bites the are just included in your regular training program. Beth Jones is an expert in women's health and sports medicine and many professionals refer clients to her because of her ability to help with female athletes recovery from these types of condition and make a full return to play.

Which Option is Right for You?


CoreStrong Online Progam

Suitable for all women looking to restore pelvic floor and core function, and return to training.


Customized Training Plan

Personalized programs for those looking to continue training & also restore core function. 


Pregnant Athlete Training Plan

For those athlete looking to continue training throughout pregnancy, & protect core health.

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