Perimenopause through Postmenopause

Midlife is no longer a time for women to step back and fade into the background. Maby women over 40 are redefining their lives, making an athletic comeback, and exploring ways to stay active well into their Golden Years. I am one of those women and am loving exploring new activities and training in my 40s, and reveling in the fact that there are many years of growth ahead of me.

But women in midlife have different needs than we did in our teens and 20s. How we eat, train, and handle stress can impact our performance and even our prevalence for injury more than when we were younger. It's important to have a balanced wellness plan to help you meet our unique needs as we move through perimenopause and into menopause,

She Moves Athletic Wellness specializes in working with active women in perimenopause and menopause. You'll find resources to help you navigate the path through menopause, and help you integrate your fitness and wellness to make your midlife years, you best years yet!

Learn how to eat and move in ways that help to balance hormones. Access supplemental training program to your fitness training that helps you maintain a functional core and restore one that's not at its best. No more leaking and bulky products for us! Prevent the nagging injuries and daily aches that sometimes creep up on us as we get older. My goal is to provide you with a hub with specific tools just for those of us over 40. And on that note, I have a special community just for us - The Playground. Be sure to check it out and join us for inspiration to get moving, start competing, and just rediscover your desire for fun!

Which Option is Right for You?


CoreStrong Online Progam

Suitable for all women looking to restore pelvic floor and core function, and return to training.


Customized Training Plan

Personalized programs for women looking for a balanced approach to training.


The Playground

A lifestyle resource designed especially for moms over 35 to help you live an active and adventurous life.

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