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A lifestyle resource designed especially for moms over 35 to help you live an active and adventurous life.

Life doesn't stop when you hit 40, in fact, it gets easier. Learn how to reclaim an active life and work with your changing metabolism using movement, nutrition, and mindset strategies.

Having kids in midlife puts you in a unique situation. You've lived half a life before having kids, and now you're trying to balance life as a mom while trying to connect with the active woman you were before kids. I get it because I'm there too.

What we need to do now is ditch the diet mentality and start working with our bodies. We need to understand how to move and eat with our changing metabolisms, how to prevent the pain and injuries that slow many women down as we get older. Let's face it - as midlife moms we can't afford to get old.


Simple Tools to Reclaim and Active Life

I get that you're over all the BS and contradictory messaging out there because I am too. With everything else we're doing, trying to figure out if carbs are good or bad, or whether you should run or lift, isn't on the agenda. We need simple solutions that fit into our busy lives, and that's what you'll get in the She Moves Coaching Club.

When we hit our 40's we do have to think about some other factors in our life outside of just nutrition and exercise in order to stay active and maintain our goals. We need to look at our posture, our sleep, and our stress levels. We have to consider if how we're exercising is best for our hormonal balance and performance goals. We have to discuss injury prevention through balance and mobility. And we have to learn how to put them all together in a simple package that is doable in our crazy family lives.

Yes, it can seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. With the She Moves Coaching Club, you'll get a monthly focus that brings all of these different aspects together, and a plan to work them into your day. 




A growing library of movement resources ranging from strength-based metabolic workouts to pain-relieving restorative practices.


As we enter midlife, a solid web of support is critical. This comes from virtual community and local connections.


Nourishment comes in many forms, and we have them all. New recipes that are adaptable to your needs. Social support to nourish your soul.

Women's Health

Pelvic floor health, shifting hormones, and sleep issues are just some of the issues the midlife moms encounters and we have the tools to keep you playing.

Injury Prevention

As we get older, injury prevention is key. New resources added monthly to increase mobility, maintain balance, and ensure you're training safely.


Enough with the quick fixes that don't work. Each month we examine various health and fitness claims and find out which ones are worth our time.

Are You Ready to Live Your Best Life?

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