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Online training and coaching for active or professional female athletes to remain at peak fitness during pregnancy and return to elite performance after.

MamaSport Pregnant Athlete Training Program

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It doesn't matter if you're at the beginning of your pregnancy or you're halfway through, the MamaSport Pregnancy Training Program allows you to enter any time and ensures the program is tailored for the specific needs of where you are in your pregnancy.

The MamaSport Pregnant Athlete Program includes a 1-week On-Boarding program to get you acquainted with the MamaSport approach and technique. Then you'll be dropped into the Phase that aligns with your current week of pregnancy and progresses you through the remainder of your pregnancy. You'll also have access to lessons on nutrition, training consideration, and even birth prep tips to help you through labor and birth!


Injury Prevention

The MamaSport Pregnancy Program is designed to keep you training pain and injury free, and also prevent conditions such as Diastasis Recti and Pelvic Floor Disorders. This keeps you training longer during pregnancy and allows you to recover fast and return to sport quicker after birth.


Functional Training

The MamaSport Pregnancy Program is designed for athletes by a Certified Athletic Trainer and Pre/Post Natal Strength Coach. The MamaSport Pregnancy Programs combines traditional strength exercises with functional movement, to benefit any training goal. Paired with our cardio training options and Restorative Exercise™ mobility program, and you'll come back to your sport in better shape than ever!


Performance Maintenance

You've worked hard to be where you are, and pregnancy doesn't have to change this. The MamaSport Pregnancy Program is designed to keep you in peak condition during your pregnancy so that your journey back to competition is easier after baby gets here.

Beth’s workout plan really saved me during this pregnancy. Then towards the end of my second trimester, my midwife pointed out that I had diastasis recti, something that I hadn’t had in my first pregnancy. I was worried that the workout I had been doing would make the condition worse, but then I found Beth’s training website. I wasn’t really sure what to expect and figured I would get a couple of “safe” workouts from her. What I got from her was so much more than I expected!! Beth laid out a complete workout plan that took me through the remainder of my pregnancy. Each week I was given such a complete plan, with new exercises every other week, that kept me progressing and getting stronger – even in my third trimester of pregnancy! I loved that she worked in cardio workouts as well to round out my program. I was dealing with some pretty significant pelvic pain during this time as well, and Beth was able to tailor my workouts around that and provided modifications if I needed them. She also included pelvic pain exercises and stretching that significantly helped my condition. I started really looking forward to my workouts and could see the progress I was making, even as my body was getting bigger and starting to slow down. Without her plan, I wouldn’t have had any focus in my workouts and would have stopped lifting weights entirely due to my diastasis and pelvic pain. I’ve worked with personal trainers before, but have never been given such a thorough and complete plan that addressed all areas of my fitness and kept me continually progressing through new workouts. Not many trainers know the ins and outs of lifting weights safely during pregnancy, and the different conditions that can pop up to complicate your training, but Beth is an expert in this area. I felt very confident in the movements she gave me, and knew they were safe and were helping to strengthen me for delivery and post-partum recovery. This program has been absolutely invaluable to me during my pregnancy (and I plan on using it in recovery as well!) and I am grateful for the impact it’s had on my overall health! 

I did the first workout of Week 13 today. Kicked my tail a lot more than last week’s workouts did! In a good way.

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The MamaSport Pregnancy Training Program is only $99 and is yours for life!

Choose the program that fits your current week of pregnancy. The program begins immediately and new content will be accessible to you as your progress through the program.

Questions? Check out our FAQ page or feel free to email us with any questions or concerns that you have and we'll be happy to answer them for you.

Why MamaSport?

  • Highest pregnancy fitness credentials so you and your baby are safe
  • The only online training program dedicated to pregnant athletes
  • Pelvic floor experts to help you master full body strength
  • Functional Training and Restorative Exercise helps prevent injury
  • Integrated nutrition for strength, wellness, and postpartum healing
  • Join a private online community of like-minded athletes hosted by Beth Jones
  • Custom week-by-week workouts for your EXACT pregnancy training phase
  • On-boarding program for all fitness levels so you can jump in with confidence
  • Advanced options to up-level your training
Leading the Way

We’re leading the industry for safest high-intensity pre and postnatal activity and competition.

As an industry leader in pregnancy fitness, we’re teaching the truth about athletic capabilities and capacities in a way that women of every fitness level can apply to their healthy birth and sport specific goals.

Your Sport
Pelvic Floor Function

Questions About the MamaSport Program?

The MamaSport Pregnant Athlete Training Program is for any active pregnant woman who is looking to continue her strength training in a safe and functional method throughout her pregnancy.

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