Therapeutic Massage

Sometimes we just need a little manual help to get moving again. Manual therapy and bodywork are tools I've implemented in recovery programs as a certified athletic trainer for 20 years, and I'm thrilled to be able to offer them now as a licensed massage therapist.

Whether it's assisting the healing process or helping release tension affecting our alignment and biomechanics, massage therapy can be the missing piece of your recovery plan.

Massage alone cannot counteract the training loads and daily movement patterns that often lead to injury, which is why I go beyond the hands-on session and develop a complete home program, including corrective exercise and nutrition considerations, to help you maintain the benefits provided by the therapy you receive in my studio. Weekly check-in and direct access be between sessions help to hold you accountable for your own recovery, and eliminates the questions that often come up with recovery plans. Your life extends beyond my studio walls, and so should your plan.

Since I offer a variety of techniques, my services are priced by time and not type in order to tailor your experience towards your needs.

Make Self-Care a Priority

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60 Minutes/75 Minute Appointment - $75

Due to COVID-19 and Current Restrictions, I am only offering 60 minutes appointments for the time being.

90 Minutes/105 Minutes Appointment - $105

30 Minutes Movement Therapy Add-On - $45

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