Lessons from Super Bowl LIV

The Super Bowl was last night.

I'm not much into the games anymore, but the talk today is the Halftime Show. It was J Lo and Shakira this year and they put on an amazing performance, but the conversation really is revolving around their ages of 50 and 43 respectively. They do look amazing - it's true. They had every boy and man in the country staring for 15 minutes with their jaws gaping. And women have their feathers ruffled a bit.

You can tell because of the meme and posts being put out there.

There's one comparing Blanche from the Golder Girls as 50 to J Lo. There was a post talking about it great to look that good when you have the PTs, nanny's, chefs, etc. making it easy for you, but I disagree. That support system does make a difference, but they still have to choose to do the work. They have to choose that the work needed to maintain that look is worth it. Because all of the people keeping you on track can make you actually do the work. You have to make the decision to implement everything. To get up. To do the prescribed workout and not blow it off. To eat the food given. To make self-care and priority. To find the support to allow you to work out and have childcare. No one can do that part. Even the docs who cut, snip, and fill can't guarantee that their sculpting will stay that way.

These are examples of women who chose to become the image that they are - and let's be honest in putting out their that that image is their job. If they didn't look like that, then they wouldn't be in the public eye. But they can sing, and they can move and it's that combination gets them where they are. We have singers who don't look like them who are also very popular, but their talent lies elsewhere and bring that out. The bottom line is let's not shame these women for looking good because it makes us aware of our own gremlins. Let's not divert our uncomfortableness to pull someone else down. Instead, let's give props where props are due and use the negative talk to reassess where we want to be and how to get there.

Use today as an opportunity to Assess and Align your life.

To allow you to cross the stream and get to that goal on the other side. Identify which stepping stones are the most stable to get you across, or what you need to find to support your journey. Sometimes we have to go back and get something before we make it successfully across, or we have to try another route. But we'll get there eventually if we choose to make that goal a priority.

So as you scroll today and see the memes, the criticism, and everything else that's filling your feed, I ask that you either scroll past or leave a comment to turn the conversation. And if you are looking at Shakira and J Lo with a "no fair" dialogue running through your head, I want you to set aside 5-10 minutes today to assess your own goals and see if you can outline a rough path of what you need to get there.

Image courtesy of Boston Globe.

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