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You're 9 Weeks Away from Returning to Play!

If incontinence, prolapse, pelvic or back pain, or general core weakness is keeping you from fully engaging in your training, then CoreStrong is for you!

After the birth of my daughter, I suffered a pelvic floor prolapse. It was a devasting experience for me, mostly because I thought I was doomed to giving up all of the sports and activities that I have always loved. When I looked around for a program that could help me heal, I found that these were very lacking for the more athletic woman.

Since then, I've worked with postpartum women, middle age women, and even those in their 20s who are all complaining about the same thing - a weak core that keeps them from optimal performance. I decided to take my training as a Certified Athletic Trainer and 18 years experience working in sports medicine, and combine that with the education I've received in Women's Health to create a Functional Training Program for athletic women.

Many women stop their rehab programs due to 2 main issues:

  1. Not enough time
  2. Having to give up their training

CoreStrong is different. I've designed this program for those of us with an athletic mindset, and who don't have the time to devote to hours of rehab.


CoreStrong: Foundations follows the 6 Pillars of RE-turn to Play

  1. RE-Align
  2. RE-Connect
  3. RE-Train
  4. RE-Condition
  5. RE-Turn to Play
  6. RE-Assess

Professional athletes don't just sit the bench when they are injured, and neither should you!

During the CoreStrong 9-Week Program, you enter a maintenance mode that is designed to keep you training safely while you re-establish that core function. As you move through the program, the balance between rehabilitation and training is constantly shifting. You start with more focus on the rehab and correctives exercises, with some basic conditioning mixed in, but then end ready to return to your preferred training plan and also have the tools to keep your core and pelvic floor functional.

Recover Like an Athlete!

If you’ve tried other core rehab programs before without success, or have tried to return to exercise only to have your symptoms return, then CoreStrong is for you.

Take the first step in regaining the active lifestyle you've been missing without committing your day to training and rehab.

The program requires no more than 40 minutes each day to work on both training and rehab. With the program, you also receive weekly Life Balance and Nutrition lessons that help you aid in healing and balance your training needs and your life really.

Finally, you'll have the support of both Beth and a community of like-minded women who are all on the same path as you and want to see you succeed.

Are you ready to join us? I can't wait to help you realize your potential and get you back to an active life of play.

Estimated Time: 9 Weeks


CoreStrong Program


Getting Started

Stage 1: RE-Align

Stage 2: RE-Connect

RE-Connect: Week 3

RE-Connect: Week 4

Stage 3: RE-Train

RE-Train: Week 6

RE-Train: Week 7

Stage 4: RE-Condition

RE-Condition: Week 9

Stage 5: RE-turn to Play

Workouts & Demos

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