The Breastfeeding Athlete Training Plan is now available whenever you need it!

This is a 6-week course is designed to help breastfeeding women overcome the biggest physical and mental barriers of returning to training that come with having a new baby, and start heading down a path toward returning to your favorite activities, recovering your “old” self, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in line with your training goals.

Breastfeeding mamas and those in the early postpartum stage have metabolisms that work a bit differently than those who are not breastfeeding. Hormonal shifts, night wakings, supply demands, and other things actually encourage our bodies to hold on to fat and reduce our ability to train at the higher levels that many of us are used to. By learning how to use progressive training methods, balancing lifestyle changes and family needs, and eat for our goals, we can safely return to the active lifestyle many of us are missing.

What you get in the 6-week program:
  • A 20-minute fat-releasing workout each week to help you get the most out of your time, but ideas to sneak exercise in on those days when you just can’t find time for more.
  • A nutrition assessment and guide to determine how your body uses food as fuel, and how to use food to promote fat burning over fat storage.
  • Weekly meal plans and shopping lists to help you get started on your goals and learn how to design your own nutrition plan once the program is over.
  • Weekly Lifestyle Lessons to help you move more and balance family needs, and reduce the stress that encourages fat storage in our bodies.
  • Lifetime Access to the members online portal to come back and repeat the program as often as needed.
What you need to participate:
  • Set of moderate dumbbells (5-15 lbs) – two weight options would be good. Most exercise will also be appropriate to use baby as weight, and will have modifications for those healing split abs or pelvic floors
  • Yoga mat or rolled towel or half foam roller
  • Yoga strap, belt, necktie, etc
  • Yoga block, book, pillow, or small (4-6 in) inflatable ball
  • Timer Measuring tape**
  • Scale**

**These are optional. If you are wanting to measure fat loss progress, then you will need at least the measuring tape to do so. We will be looking more at body composition change over weight, as weight does not indicate fat loss.

The MamaSport Breastfeeding Athlete Training Plan is delivered online portal with new workouts, exercise demos, and meal plans released each week. You’ll also get access to the member-only Facebook page for additional support.

Over the course of the 6-week program, you are going to learn what foods work best for your metabolism and how to plan meals around your life, how to exercise to promote fat release and burning, and how to approach your day to fitting in the needed time for you – because that is an important element to fat loss.

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Estimated Time: 6 Weeks


BF Athlete Training Plan

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